4G LTE signal booster

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4G LTE repeaters are innovative solutions to improve LTE mobile network signal quality in areas where standard coverage is weak or unstable. Thanks to 4G LTE amplifiers, users can enjoy a a strong and stable internet connection and high data transfer speeds.

How it works?

1. The transmitter emits a strong 4G LTE signal, but it does not reach all areas.
In areas far from signal transmitters, network coverage may be limited or unstable.

2. External antenna receives weak 4G LTE signal from transmitter.
Specially designed external antennas are able to capture this signal.

3. The signal is sent from the external antenna to the amplifier via a cable.
Through wires, the signal is transmitted to the 4G LTE repeater.

4. 4G LTE repeater amplifies the signal and passes it to the indoor antenna.
This amplifier intensifies the received signal, amplifying it to a level suitable for indoor use.

5. Indoor antenna emits amplified signal across the area.
The amplified signal is distributed through an indoor antenna, providing better indoor coverage.

6. Your device is receiving a strong 4G LTE signal.
Thanks to the operation of the 4G LTE repeater, users can enjoy a fast and stable Internet connection on their mobile devices.

4G LTE repeaters are indispensable for people who need a reliable Internet connection on their mobile devices. Improving LTE mobile network coverage, these amps allow you to comfortably browse the Internet, stream media and make video calls without worrying about losing your connection or interrupting data transmission.

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