Mobile GSM LTE signal booster

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Having trouble maintaining a stable internet connection or making phone calls while traveling? Mobile network signal boosters for travelers, such as the HiBoost HiWay-5S, provide an innovative solution for those struggling with poor cellular coverage while on the move. With support for five frequency bands, the HiBoost HiWay-5S improves GSM, 3G and 4G signals simultaneously, ensuring a stable connection in a variety of travel conditions.

How it works?

The HiBoost HiWay-5S is designed for use in a variety of vehicles, such as buses, campers, vans, trucks or cars. Thanks to its versatility, the amplifier provides solid coverage inside the vehicle, regardless of location or terrain conditions. It is also compatible with all mobile operators throughout the European Union and the United Kingdom, making it indispensable when traveling internationally.

Get assured coverage anywhere, anytime

HiBoost HiWay-5S is not only a solution for land travelers, but also for those who spend time on bodies of water. The booster is also specially designed for boats, allowing it to maintain a stable connection even in open water. Whether you're in the city, on the highway or at sea, the HiBoost HiWay-5S amplifier will provide you with a reliable cellular connection, guaranteeing unhindered Internet access and smooth phone calls, regardless of travel conditions.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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