Manage the space around your TV - organization of TV accessories

In current trends, minimalism has reigned for many years now. Hence arises the need for all equipment and cables to have their place, look aesthetically pleasing and guarantee safety. In order to meet these expectations, Spacetronik introduces new products that will allow you to organize your TV accessories so that you can enjoy order in your living room.

How interior order and aesthetics affect our well-being?

Order and aesthetics of the interior have a huge impact on our well-being, especially in the space around the TV set. A well-organized and aesthetically arranged environment promotes relaxation and a positive experience while watching your favorite shows or movies. By keeping things in order, we avoid the chaos and unnecessary stress of searching for a remote control or other equipment. Aesthetic accessories, harmonious colors and functional solutions enhance the atmosphere of comfort and pleasure, encouraging you to spend your time in a comfortable and friendly way. Thus, watching TV becomes not only a form of entertainment, but also a a way to relax and unwind after a busy day.

So how to organize such a space?

Way No. 1: Pull-out panel for hanging the tuner

Pull-out Panel for Spacetronik SPET70 TV Tuner is an innovative solution that not only provides quick access to all AV devices, but also eliminates the unsightly tangle of cables and the disorder behind the TV. Thanks to its sturdy steel construction, the panel holds heavy devices such as tuners, DVD players or consoles, weighing up to 10 kg, making it ideal for a variety of multimedia devices. Foldable design allows you to hide your equipment out of sight while keeping your living room tidy and aesthetically pleasing. The adjustable panel size effectively adapts to most media boxes, and the quick fastener solidly holds the player in place. Installation mounted on the wall behind the TV not only improves the aesthetics of the room, but also saves valuable space in smaller apartments. With this, sPET70 panel from Spacetronik is not only a practical solution, but also an elegant addition to any living room, game room or home office where organization and access to AV devices are key.

Way #2: TV shelf without mounting, screws or drilling

Innovative SPE-T71 TV shelf from Spacetronik is a revolutionary solution that allows you to efficiently organize the space around your TV without drilling into walls or taking up valuable space in your living room. This elegant stand not only offers space for multimedia devices, remote controls or small items, but also brings modern style to your media space.

With the ability to mount on TVs with a thickness of more than 18mm and a distance of more than 127mm from the wall, tV shelf SPE-T71 provides stability and security for your gadgets. Easy installation with a practical knob guarantees fast and stable fixing of the shelf over the TV, eliminating the need for tools or specialized equipment.

The shelf's robust construction allows it to withstand load of up to 6kg, which makes it an ideal place to put decoders, speakers, remote controls or small decorations. Framing around the perimeter of the shelf protects against accidental falling objects, ensuring the safety of your electronics and other small items.

TV shelf SPE-T71 from Spacetronik is not only a practical solution, but also an elegant addition to any modern home. With unparalleled convenience and functionality, you can enjoy a tidy and aesthetically pleasing space around your TV without unnecessary clutter or chaos.

Way #3: Soundbar mount

Universal Soundbar Mount mounted to TV is a perfectly thought-out solution for home theater lovers who value both sound quality and the aesthetics of their interiors.

Thanks to robust construction made of steel, powder-coated in an elegant black color, this handle guarantees stability and safety of even the heaviest soundbars, keeping them in place during intense sound effects. Its universal design makes it fit a wide variety of soundbar models, allowing it to be mounted both above and below the TV, allowing the sound to be perfectly matched to the acoustics of the room.

The installation process has been simplified as much as possible with a complete set of mounting accessories included with the product, which makes it possible to quick and easy installation. The minimalist and modern design of the bracket fits perfectly with modern audio and visual systems, adding functionality and style to any interior.


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