What's up with Johansson?

What to look out for in it? The choice is very large. The devices are able to meet even the most unusual expectations. Johansson's offerings are getting more refined. Its products consistently represent very high quality.

What we can recommend?

One of the more interesting ones, for example, is the amplifier Profino Revolution Lite KIT 6714. Technologically quite superior to the competition. It will work very well in a wide range of applications - from multi-family homes to hotels and hospitals to nursing homes or prisons. None of these applications exceeds its capabilities. In addition, it is tuned to frequencies from almost all over the world. The default profile is tailored to European standards, but can easily be switched to the US, Brazil. Australia, China, or South Africa. Johansson's offering also includes a more elaborate model Profino Revolution 6711 Plus as well as a preamplifier KIT 7474L2, which makes from in this class meets the vast majority of the needs of installers and end users.

Another device is headends, which are particularly well suited for hotels or other places where multiple decoders and receivers are needed. final Without a shadow of a doubt, we can recommend models here Titanium IP 8/8x8 8711 and 8713. These powerful devices allow you to convert your SAT signal to DVB-T or DVB-C. Combined with the right amplifiers, it offers almost unlimited possibilities.

Of course, Johansson's offerings do not end with these products. You can find more on our website, especially since we have the honor of being the official distributor of the brand. And for those interested in strictly news, we encourage you to read the catalog in English version available here

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