5G network in Poland: A breakthrough in mobile Internet development
Recent weeks have brought a breakthrough in mobile Internet in Poland, thanks to the launch of the 5G network, which uses new, higher frequencies from the C-band. The introduction of the first base stations marks a breakthrough in mobile internet speeds, exceeding 1 Gbps. It's not just a new ability to load pages quickly, but also to transfer files smoothly and enjoy video efficiently at the highest quality, changing the way we use online data.
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What are patchcords and what do their categories mean?
Currently, patchcords are widely used in homes and businesses, allowing the connection of devices such as computers with routers or PLCs with switches, which is the basis of a computer network. However, there are different categories of network cables, what these categories mean and how they differ from each other?
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How to choose the right car antenna? PUCK and MIMO antenna test

If you are experiencing problems with cellular network coverage, losing calls, losing GPS, or the app displaying the message "Internet connection interrupted" while driving, this article is for you. In some situations, a suitable antenna for cellular transmission is not only a convenient solution, but a necessity. To realize the potential of a given transport antenna, it is necessary to choose the right model to meet our requirements. This requires an understanding of the principles that guide antenna designers.

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